Inquiring about a Nature element, such as water and connecting it with the wonderful season ahead, our little grasshoppers “have dived” into the Ocean to wonder…

What lives there?   

Expressing their emotions about:

How would they feel there? ,

we took the risk of representing the deep Ocean in our classroom, developing their creativity predicting, imagining and connecting living things and colours from this environment.








Working on the “Habits of Mind”, children could “Reason with Evidence” and transfer their previous knowledge to its amazing masterpiece.
However, our blue Ocean needed species to live in…
therefore, with the ” Stepping Inside Routine” and expressing their “Point of View”, our children chose who they wanted to be

Aren’t they cute?

To end, we connected this topic with the Popular “Rainbow Fish” story, in which they could discover the value of “sharing” and “friendship” and their relation with “happiness”   
It has been a good adventure going under the Ocean,

so… Take Risk!

Grab your swimsuit and snorkel and …

…dive with us in!!