With children of three years old we have been learning the ‘n’ sound, which the children have come to know as the ‘Angry Sound’.



We begin by teaching the sound /n/, the phoneme… and then the grapheme ‘n’, tracing it on paper and on our digital board.



And using the Thinking Keys for connecting this activity with our Unit Topic: FOOD, we have also tried a new place where tracing the sound… mmm… On Sugar!!




Furthermore they have explored vocabulary which contains the sound, by listening to a Floppy Story. During this, they have identified the sound within the story and have related it to the corresponding images.



Finally, we have played with Floppy’s games to practice our reading and writing on the board.
Children enjoy plancing the sound in the correct place!



We finish the Phonics session by completing a ‘Web Map’  of the sound, which consolidates our learning and expresses what we have discussed about the sound, using our ‘Thinking Routine’.




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