In Tablerillo School, we love teaching English and we want to share that love with you, and our students, therefore today, 23rd of April, we have a pretty good excuse to celebrate this beautiful language and the Patron Saint of England,
St. George.

April 23rd is one of the most important days in the calendar for English people, a day of national pride because it’s St. George’s Day, the Patron Saint of England and as the United Nations established in 2010, is the International Day of the English Language.
To celebrate tradition and cultural awareness, children, stepped inside the legend of St. George and the Dragon because cultural awareness plays an important role in helping young children develop a positive image while building a strong connection with the country we are inquiring about.



In case you haven’t heard about this wonderful legend, this would be a good moment to read and Know a little bit about it, because…who knows if our students innovate and discover complexity by giving a new version of this legend, in connection with nowadays reality … don’t you think?


It’s time to enjoy our Tablerillo version of this wonderful story…



Happy St. George’s Day!!