One melon seed in the ground…


Educational DIY projects are a great way for children to learn and enjoy valuable lessons about how the world works. These projects work particularly well because they involve science and  biology.


Our Gorillas have had the opportunity to investigate and explore the processes of how a plant grows… which we can connect  with our Topic Unit: The Melon Seed.

Children  love natural life and are quite curious, making it easy for them to absorb the information they have learnt, whilst happily  exploring and watching what happens to the seeds.

 We have worked on The Melon Life Cycle Project, in particular, to document and help children to understand how plants come to be what they know them as, using the thinking keys for drawing, shaping or creating things.


Furthermore, we have compared  through Conceptuals Maps and had a look at different life cycle projects, both in style and subject, which included other plants, butterflies, chickens and more, in order to establish relations among all living things.


 These projects may be specific to each creature, but they can also be a great way to observe  and explain a whole type of being’s life cycles or even serve as a metaphor to teach children about other situations.

Finally we had the chance to plant our own melon seed,  able to witness the changes along the process of a melon life cycle for ourselves


Which we have been taking care of … 


Water the seed all around!

And successfully… the melon seed grew… and grew… and grew…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Congratullations Children!!



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