Water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s  surface,  and all living things need water to survive, consequently, that is the reason why our children have begun to enquire about how important water is in Nature…

Los Delfines comenzaron expresando sus diferentes puntos de vista sobre el agua en nuestro entorno natural (formas, responsabilidad, función), plasmando cómo perciben este tema antes de indagar en él.

but…WHERE do we find water in Nature?

Partiendo de numerosas preguntas creativas, de la experimentación e indagación, descubrieron el agua en sus diferentes estados y formas.

Using the Change key, we concluded that we can find water in three different states:

SOLID     /    LIQUID     /   GAS

 ¡Que sorprendente es ver como cambia el agua y su proceso de transformación!

In order to understand the weather and why it rains, kids need to know about the Water Cycle

The Water Cycle is nature’s way of purifying, circulating and replenishing water but…we need evidence for reasoning and reflecting about this process.










It not only helped children to understand  the basic elements of the water cycle but also showed them why our rain water is drinkable despite the fact that much of our rain water comes from the salty ocean.

Let’s demonstrate how we put it into practice

Finally our dear Dolphins reflected on what we use water for, with the help of our FUNCTION thinking key 

Los niños concluyeron reflexionando sobre la importancia del agua en la naturaleza, y como se había producido un cambio en sus pensamientos sobre este interesante tema.