Our children from Gorilla’s classroom have had a delicious fruit master class                                          
They have tried all the fruit they have already learnt in their unit “The Melon seed”
Do you like banana?
20160311_10225120160311_102212  …Yes I do, Yes I do!!                                           
Do you like pear?     20160311_102016                                    …Yes I do, Yes I do!!                                              
Do you like lemon?                                           
 20160311_10243920160311_102331                                                                                          …Yes I do, Yes I do!!




Do you like strawberry?  
20160311_10213620160311_102051  …Yes I do, Yes I do!!
Matching the piece of fruit to their flash card and their flavour                                                                                                                                        
and finally…





preparing a yummy fruit salad!!



                                      It was delicious!!



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